I don’t understand what is so ridiculous about women having space spaces from men and anyone who has benefitted from male privilege (e.g trans women)?
Like why is that such a crazy idea??

The assertion that all TW have all had male privilege or retains any…

trans women are women and do not have male privilege

how can trans women have male privilege while trans men, who are men, also have male privilege? your transmisogynist logic makes no sense :3c

Trans men DON’T have privilege, and the sort they do is conditional at best.

Here’s why: they’re socialized as female from birth until the point that they begin to pass. What that means is they they’re trained to be less assertive, less self-determined and less likely to self-promote. They’re educated and fed less, their interests are curtailed and their social training geared to nurturing and domesticity.

The fact that they transition doesn’t change the intrinsic nature of their socialization; the lessons we learn first stay longest.

How many trans men are CEO’s, or athletes, or Fortune 500 execs? Are there many in entertainment? What about ex-Military? How many are millionaires, or considered worthy of media attention?

And when they ARE given media attention, what’s it for? The last time I saw a trans man in the news, he was doing something absolutely mundane, that millions of women do every day, and have done since before the dawn of our own species.

He was giving birth.

That’s not a miracle, that’s a misnomer. Beattie wasn’t a pregnant male, he was a pregnant female who had transitioned to a man.
Is it surprising that of the two trans male voices, one’s famous for being a celeb kid and the other’s only claim to fame is doing something so utterly mundane it’s ridiculous?

But Pritzker is a billionaire, Cox has a media presence, as does Mock. Manning, Sandeen, Dorsay, and that SEAL are all ex-military (as are Pritzker and Fox, incidentally, the latter using the skills taught to males in the military to make a career of battering females). Wachowski made a couple okay movies and transitioned after success, as did Grace, the boxing promoter, the weatherman/pilot and most trans women in IT (a field noted for its hostility towards women). Even the recent “first CEO” thing was a trans woman who transitioned after their success. The current leaders of GLAAD are the same; one even made a comment about how they kept their add designation to allow them to “lesbian marry” their female partner.

Keeping your male identifier to marry your female partner isn’t a revolutionary act, it’s a day that ends in -y.

So please. Let’s not pretend that there isn’t privilege at work here, okay? It’s patently obvious that there’s a great deal going on behind the scenes.

ok i stopped reading this bullshit after you said “trans men dont have privilege” so check out this picture instead because youre boring and wrong


How do you know I’m wrong if you didn’t read what I wrote?

Unless, of course, you routinely take things on blind faith, ignoring evidence and rational argument, in favour of sweeping pronouncements and dogma?

And in that case, what DOES differentiate your attitude from that of a fundamentalist?

The fact that they were too lazy to read your post and then responded with a picture of justin beiber really speaks volumes about their own intelligence. So many anti-radfems are just snotty teenagers.

Anonymous asked: The worst thing about this Fallon Fox thing is that the girl they beat up wasn't even really a "TERF" she didn't really say anything bad about trans people (at least not publicly) she respected Fallon's pronouns and everything. What made her a "TERF" and worthy of having her "blood spilled" in the eyes of these people is simply the fact that she was a lesbian (a "noisy black lesbian.")


God, really? Fox sounds nasty. This isn’t the first thing like this to happen involving them, is it?

I swear to god this whole incident is making my peak trans moment grow back. I’ve never been as revolted by transwomen as I am now, and I say that as someone whose default feeling for them is puking in my mouth and has been for some time now.

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protect this snail at all costs

An Uppity, Non-Compliant Guide to Feminist Language (by Glosswitch)


By Glosswitch. Original here!

Yesterday Buzzfeed published a spoof guide to contemporary feminist terminology. As a contemporary feminist, how I laughed. Laughed and laughed and laughed. Then, after about half a second’s laughing, I thought “hey, wouldn’t it be cool if someone wrote an actual guide to some actual feminism? One that actually mentions male oppressors and doesn’t spend half the time focussed on which feminists hold unacceptable views?” So despite being female and therefore crap, I decided to give it a go.

Gender (noun):

  1. Oppressive hierarchy, situating adult human males (as the construct “man”) at the top, adult human females (as the construct “woman”) at the bottom.
  2. Nebulous thing that makes you want to wear certain clothes, have certain ideas, do certain activities, adopt certain mannerisms etc. Otherwise known as “being a person”.

Woman (noun):

  1. Adult human female who has, due to her sexed body, been placed in a class not of her choosing.
  2. Whatever the fuck anyone says it is, with final approval going to the dominant class (sorry ladies!).

Female reproduction (noun):

  1. Patriarchal justification for making adult human females do the vast majority of unpaid work on a global scale (regardless of whether individual adult human females have or indeed can have offspring)
  2. Cissexist phrase. In future please refer to “vessels”, “breeders” or “walking wombs”, you fucking bigot.

Male (adj.)

  1. Pertaining to the oppressor class under patriarchy.
  2. Whatever the fuck anyone says it is, with final approval going to the dominant class.

Oppressor, the (noun):

  1. Racist capitalist patriarchy, on the basis that this is an actual source of oppression.
  2. Second-wave feminists, on the basis that they were all evil frigid whorephobic bitches whose refusal to put out has given nice sexy feminists a bad name.

SWERF (noun, acronym):

  1. Woman who does not hold the view that jizz will be the solvent that finally erodes the patriarchy.
  2. Woman who once disagreed with Brooke Magnanti over something or other (no one involved can quite remember what).
  3. Word that happens to rhyme with TERF (see below), forming a handy, catch-all phrase to denote “women who are shit and deserve all the misogyny the SJW blogosphere has to offer”.

TERF (noun, acronym):

  1. Woman who believes that adult human females exist and are oppressed as a sex class.
  2. Woman who is friends with a woman who believes that adult human females exist and are oppressed as a sex class.
  3. Woman who once retweeted a woman who believes that adult human females exist and are oppressed as a sex class.
  4. Woman who on one occasion failed to publicly denounce a woman who believes that adult human females exist and are oppressed as a sex class.
  5. Woman who … (as definitions are continually broadening on this one – for instance, all of the above criteria may now be applied to gay men and trans people – please consult with Roz Kaveney and/or members of Blockbot).

Intersectionality (noun):

  1. Important theory expounded by Kimberlé Crenshaw, illustrating ways in which intersecting oppressions mean different approaches are required to tackle experiences of racism, sexism, homophobia, classism etc., as and when they intersect. See Mapping the Margins.

Intersectional feminist (noun):

  1. Feminist who isn’t a total hypocrite (i.e. who believes in actual intersectional praxis).
  2. Middle-class white woman who has hit upon a PC way of putting “I’m totes not racist, me” in her twitter bio.
  3. Middle-class white male university student who spends his days “educating” white women by ordering the uppity little bitches to stop “punching down”.

Feminism (noun):

  1. Movement for the liberation of all women. As Dworkin wrote:

Feminism is a political practice of fighting male supremacy on behalf of women as a class, including all the women you don’t like, including all the women you don’t want to be around, including all the women who used to be your best friends whom you don’t want anything to do with any more. It doesn’t matter who the individual women are.

  1. Whatever the fuck anyone says it is, with final approval going to the … (you fill in the rest)


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liberal feminisms acceptance of who is a feminist involves pornographers, rapists, pedophiles, traffickers, abusers, pimps, sadists and pretty much any misogynist male but women who are against those men? those women are the real bad guys and are not real feminists and god forbid you even breathe the same air as them



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I have a bad phobia of spiders but this is freaking adorable alright

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